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The USA has been one of the best destinations for those who deserve success either in education or economy. Today, the US has been the land of dream for most of the youths who want to gain liberty for their educational as well as the financial achievement. The first choice of most of the Nepalese students intending to study abroad is the USA.

The U.S. educational system is very different from Nepalese Education System. The U.S.A. has more than three thousand accredited colleges and universities, which offer a wide range of graduate and undergraduate programs.

Types of Programs

Undergraduate programs (Bachelor degree)
This is the first level of post-secondary education that begins after 12 years of primary and secondary schooling. It includes at least 4 years of education and earns a bachelor’s degree (Most Nepalese graduation courses are of 3 years duration). There are also two-year programs which earn an Associate degree. A student who has an associate degree has to study further for a minimum of 2 years to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Graduate Programs (Master’s & Doctorate degree)
This is the same as post-graduate education in Nepal. It usually involves one year or more of education depending on the subject or course, and earns a master’s or doctoral degree like MBA, MS or PhD. Admission to a graduate program usually requires a minimum of 16 years of formal education. That is, 12 years of primary and secondary schooling and further 4 years of college education.

US universities offer two main semester intakes: Fall Semester (September/October) This is the main intake and almost all programs are offered at this times. More financial aid is also available for this semester and as funds are allocated for the entire year during this time.

Spring Semester (January/February):-
This is the mid-year intake. There is limited financial assistance available for this semester as most universities allocate funds to projects in the Fall semester.Some universities also have a Summer intake around July.