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IELTS Test Preparation

Accepted by over 10,000 organisations worldwide, including educational institutions, IELTS is one of the keys to open gateway to further education.

Our Test Preparation Classes are conducted professional instructors who have the experience to assist the students to gain high scores in their tests. We are fully dedicated to provide the Best Quality Classes. At the moment, we are exclusively providing IELTS classes and neither have we charged more for our classes nor are we too much nominal which can’t maintain the quality. The fee allows students to entertain following facilities:


We feel proud to say that unlike traditional counseling of providing information only, we work in discussion with students how and what to choose in their best interest. Taking consideration of strength and constraints (including financial) of a student’s profile, we help student to select best alternative (in selecting course, country and education institution) for their future. With our friendly and enthusiastic assistance, we not only follow up our students in Nepal but also counsel and assist our students to have the convenient life abroad

Assist in Research

We want our applicants to take decisions on course, curriculum, education provider and country independently so that they don’t have any regrets in future. So, we explain them about how and where to make search before taking their career choices, for their best interest.

Admission Requirements

Upon selection of college/university, we make available students with the admission criterions (entry requirements) of the institution and the country of selection.

Application and Admission Affairs

Our team provides assistance in filling up admission form, visa application form and other necessary forms so that they are correctly filled and according to the requirement for successful application.

Organization of Documents

Our team provide necessary assistance to the maximum extent possible to arrange documents of a file in proper order.

Download Standard Document Cheklist

Essay / Affidavit Guidelines

Our team assesses statement thoroughly, as it plays major role in picturing an application. We provide necessary advice and tips with guidelines on how and what an essay/affidavit should contain.

After Visa Services

We provide students pre-departure information, making travel arrangements, the ‘does’ and ‘don’ts’. We make optimum effort to make sure that they won’t get into any serious trouble while in overseas because of lack of information or a friend or relative to assist. We also support in arranging accommodation. We do help with finding a part-time job but don’t assure of it.