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Official name Republic of Polandv (Polska in Polish), Poland is a member country of Europe floating over the water of Earth’s Eastern Hemisphere. The Baltic sea country with rich medieval architecture and heritage has its capital Warsaw where the modern life moves around shopping and lively nightlife. Poland shares its boarder with Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Russia. The Baltic sea runs through the northern boarder.

Capital: Warsaw (also the largest city)
Official language: Polish
Currency: Polish Zloty (and Euro)

For students outside European Union, being accepted to a Polish education institution means, it’s a first step to begin amazing adventure to discovering Europe. The education system of Poland is successfully accumulated with European Credit Transfer and Accumulation system (ECTs) which makes its qualification one among internationally recognized. Studying higher education in challenging yet friendly and innovative academic environment of Poland can prepare a student to set off career to a promising start. The higher Education Institution (HEIs) are divided into state (Public) and private (non-public) institutions; and two categories: university- type (offer at least one Ph. D degree) and non-university.
Polish education system has divided its level of qualifying higher education in different cycles

1st cycle studies -3 to 4 years- equivalent to Bachelor degree

  • Focused on preparing students for employment
  • Require 180 to 240 ECTS

2nd cycle studies– 1.5 to 2 years- equivalent to Master (magister) degree – focused on application and development of creative skills – require 90 to 120 ECTS.


Long cycle studies – 4.5 to 5 years-equivalent to Master (magister) degree – integrated studies of basic and in-depth specialization-27 to 360 ECTS

3rd cycle studies – 3 to 4 years – Ph. D. degree- awarded after submission and successful defense on doctoral dissertation before thesis committee.

3rdcycle of studies (Doctoral studies, Ph. D)
2nd cycle of studies
90 to 120 ECTS
Long cycle of studies
1st cycle of studies
180-240 ECTS
Long cycle of studies


Examination System Semester/Year
Exam type Oral and Written
Grading 5- very good (bardzo dobry)
4- good (dobry)
3- satisfactory (dostateczny)
2- unsatisfactory (niedosta teczny)
1- Credit/pass (zaliczenie)
Academic calendar October to mid-Feb (winter semester)
Mid Feb to June (Summer semester)
Tuition fees

*Fees may vary for each education institution. The actual fees are described on framework agreement between student and institution.

Eur 2000 per year for 1st, 2nd and long cycle studies
Eur 3000 per year for doctoral, medical and specialist internships
Eur 3000 per year for vocational courses
Eur 2000 per year preparatory polish language
Cost of Living
Poland has relatively low living cost in comparison to other European countries, however the cost may vary from city to city.
The average cost ranges from Eur 350 to Eur 550
Monthly Expenses (Average value)
Rent in shared flat/dormitory: 80-150 Eur
Food: 100 Eur
Transportation: 15 to 20 Eur
Communication: 20 to 30 Eur
Study materials: 30 to 50 Eur
Types of Accommodation Student Houses/Dormitories 100-150 Eur

Private Housing 150-200 Eur

Student Health Insurance Provider: National Health Fund (Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia-NFZ)
International Recognition For the complete list of international agreements an recognition of foreign qualification, visit.


For the list of countries with which Poland has signed agreements on recognition of Polish qualification, visit-


For information on scholarship www.buwiwm.edu.pl
For information on education and visa application: http://www.e-konsulat.pl


Visa Matters:
The Embassy of Republic of Poland issues two kinds of visas:

Schengen ‘C’ and ‘A’ Visa
This visa allows the holder to stay up to 90 days in Schengen area. It can be single, double and multiple entry permit depending on the purpose of visit. If you are willing to seen around Schengen group countries, or see someone in Poland, it is advisable to apply for this visa. Citizens of Nepal can apply at Embassy of Switzerland in Kathmandu.

National ‘D’ Visa
Holders of Nepalese passport can apply for this type of visa if their purpose of travel to Poland requires stay for more than 90 days up to 365 days. So this is a long-term visa. It is suitable for the applicants who is going for study or work purpose. For visa application, applicants are required to make presence “in person” with necessary documents and application at the scheduled appointment in the Consular’s office at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland, New Delhi, India. The appointment and registration of application can be done online.

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