Why English Council ?

Anybody who dreams of furthering studies abroad wants to have the educational and counseling services from the reliable organization. And we are dedicated to provide the best services to the interested students intending to study abroad through our highly experienced professional team. With our friendly and enthusiastic assistance, we make our students feel homely environment. We not only follow up our students in Nepal but we also counsel and assist our students to have the convenient life abroad with the best learning and the best earning.

Test Preparation Classes are conducted by highly renowned and professional instructors who have the experience to assist the students to gain high scores in their Tests. We are fully dedicated to provide the Best Quality Classes. And neither have we charged more for our classes nor are we too much nominal which can’t maintain the quality.

Academic credit
The most obvious reason why students study abroad is to earn academic credit. You should consider the type of credit you will earn on your study abroad program. Will you earn credit towards your major or elective credit only? Will you receive grades or pass/fail credit only? You may study abroad to earn upper division credits in your major field or you may be overseas to earn some of your core or general education hours your freshman year.

Language acquisition
The world market place is shrinking rapidly, many companies require second languages. Foreign languages are not only valuable in the work force they are valuable in the real world.

Practical experience
Study abroad coupled with an international internship is an incredible way to gain some real world experience. Additionally you may find that only an international program can offer the real expertise you desire in your education. Australia is a great place to find a marine biology program, the engineering labs in Sweden may exceed your facilities at your home institution, and peace studies in Geneva would offer an insight that couldn’t be matched in Nebraska.

Resume building
International experience is ranked high among many employers as a critical asset for prospective employees. Study abroad shows that you are resourceful, adventurous, internationally minded, and diverse.

Experience of a lifetime
In a couple years you will forget the name of your literature professor in Grenoble or the name of your dorm in Beijing, but you’ll never forget the friends you made or the incredible experiences you shared.

No compromise in Quality
English Council does not compromise in the Quality it provides. We guarantee that we are able to lend today’s best quality.

Visa Preparation
Many deserving students fail to receive their visa in spite of their excellent educational achievements, financial background, good co-curricular activities etc. This is all because of poor documentation or lack of preparation to face the interviewer. “English Council Private Limited” assists the students to have the best support for documentation and it also trains the students to increase the confidence to face the Visa Interview. The students are also assisted to receive the bank loan from the most reputed banks.